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Winners of Low Mint Promo Tile #5 and Collector Drop Tonight

Winners of this week's low mint contest are...

  • Mint 10: Lora - vyzby.wam

  • Mint 9: Perrs - wz4bg.wam

  • Mint 8: Ben - bwob2.wam

  • Mint 7: eric - 3kme4.wam

  • Mint 6: Lenoks - 2zyvg.wam

  • Mint 5: Thomas - krazykoolaid

  • Mint 4: Adam - gh1ra.wam

  • Mint 3: BENJAMIN - bwob2.wam

  • Mint 2: Barry - hivek.wam

  • Mint 1: Oprah - scur2.wam

The mints have been sent and we are hoping to make low mint promos worth their WAX (see this post). Please remember that only those who have RSVPed to our Aug 27th Land Sale Event are entered into the next Low Mint Contest.

Promo Tile #6 - Whitelist Deadline

All the details for Thursday's drops can be found here.

New Collector Drop Tonight

We are doing a collector drop tonight to coincide with an ad we are running on Atomic Hub. It has a lot of mints in hopes the drop will stick around for a while. We hope you like it.

Until next time


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