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Winners of Low Mint Promo #4 & #5 Whitelisting Deadline Almost Here!

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

You know the drill, we actually have 10!

Thank you for all of the suggestions as to who we should be collaborating with. The following people have won mints 1-10.

  • Mint #10 goes to Caleb B (cccba.wam)

  • Mint #9 goes to (agnosticmonk)

  • Mint #8 goes to William L. (1tnlg.wam)

  • Mint #7 goes to Egor R. (furri.wam)

  • Mint #6 goes to Cripto Universo (rikqu.wam)

  • Mint #5 goes to Waelchi C. (4saue.wam)

  • Mint #4 goes to Dan L. (tzcay.wam)

  • Mint #3 goes to Johnny F. (

  • Mint #2 goes to Jef C. (4v1be.wam)

  • and finally, #1 MINT GOES TO Eduardo G. (yknbc.wam)

The mints have been sent and please remember we are hoping to make low mint promos worth their WAX (see this post).

We are doing a #5 low mint contest after the promo #5 tiles are dropped on Thursday and Friday. Stay tuned.

Promo Tile #5 - Whitelist Deadline

You have until tomorrow morning at 5 AM EDT (9 AM UTC) to get one of each of the first 4 promos for the True Fans Drop OR 2 unique promos and 4 of any promo tiles (including the two you already have) for the New Fans Drops at 12:01 PM EDT (4:01 PM UTC)

There will be a non-whitelisted drop open to ALL on Friday at 12:01 PM EDT (4:01 PM UTC) for the remaining mints.

Until next time


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