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Winners of Low Mint Promo #3 & Promos for #4 Whitelisting Snapshot!

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Well actually we have 10...

Thank you to all of our contestants for being a part of our low mint contest. The following people have won mints 1-10. Drumroll, please... budada-budada-budada-budada-budada-budada-SMASH!

  • Mint #10 goes to Kiclock (If we get a wax address from you.)

  • Mint #9 goes to CinderellaManD

  • Mint #8 goes to Manbino

  • Mint #7 goes to BlizzShrey

  • Mint #6 goes to Termsak Suknakha

  • Mint #5 goes to Blockchain Maniacs

  • Mint #4 goes to Lori

  • Mint #3 goes to kairosxiii

  • Mint #2 goes to ArnikazCryptoKaiNFT

  • and finally, #1 MINT GOES TO ENES KESER

The mints have been sent (save for Kiclock's #10) and please remember we are hoping to make low mint promos worth their WAX (see this post).

We are doing a #4 low mint contest after the promo #4 tiles are dropped. Stay tuned.

Promo Tile #4 - Golden Plains Drops Whitelist Snapshot

True Fans Drop

Tomorrow morning (in our part of the world at least - Thursday, July 15th, at 6 AM EST (10 AM UTC) we will be, Lord willing, taking the last snapshot of the wax blockchain for all accounts holding our promo assets. Any account that holds one of each of the previous promos will be whitelisted for the early True Fans Drop. That sale will be limited to one #4 Promo per account at the price of 10 WAX. You have 21hrs and 58mins to take advantage of that drop.

New Fans & Investor Drop

Any of those tiles that do not get purchased from the True Fans drop in that 21hrs and 58min will be added to the New Fans & Investors Drop that will start on Friday, July 16th, at 12:01 PM EST (4:01 PM UTC). The cost of that drop will be 50 WAX.


  • If you have multiple sets of promos you may want to move each set to another account so each set can have a whitelisted account. This is fine in our eyes.

  • If you don't have one of each of the three promos and you plan on getting the missing tiles to complete the whitelisting set, you will want to do that before the 6 AM EST (10 AM UTC) snapshot.

Until next time


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