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Proof of Ownership Whitelisting & Public Drops Daily Until 8/26

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

OK, I think we have a pretty good workflow for these promo drops now that we have done 5 of them. We will have two whitelisted drops, a public drop, and a contest for mints 1-10. This still might change but for the most part, I think we have it figured out.

We will be sending emails listing contest winners earlier in the week and to remind everyone of the Thursday morning deadlines as well as a Thursday email for the drop reminder. So expect 2 emails per week.

Whitelisted Drops 2 Hours Before Public Drop

These drops will both happen simultaneously starting daily, 10 AM EDT (2 PM UTC), 2 hours before the public drop and will last 20 hours. These whitelisted drops now only allow for one mint per account. Any mints that are not claimed will be sent to the theseventhgg WAX account and held for a future auction or to be prizes in our first tournament. If you qualify for the True Fans Drop you will not be included in the New Fans Drop.

The deadline to meet the whitelisting requirements will be 7 AM EDT (11:00 AM UTC) each morning.

True Fans Proof of Ownership Whitelisting Requirements

If you have at least one of each of all the previously released promo tiles before the deadline you will be whitelisted. This drop gets you a guaranteed mint at the low cost of $2 USD.

New Fans Proof of Ownership Whitelisting Requirements

If you have a number of tiles (any tiles) matching the total promo tiles and at least 1/2 the number of unique promo tiles, rounded down (changed this from rounded up to rounded down to make it easier for new fans), before the deadline, and you are not in the previous drop you will be whitelisted. This guarantees you a mint at the cost of $4 USD.

  • Sun, Aug 22nd, Promo 12 - At least 12 tiles and 6 of them must be unique

  • Mon, Aug 23rd, Promo 13 - At least 13 tiles and 6 of them must be unique

  • Tue, Aug 24th, Promo 14 - At least 14 tiles and 7 of them must be unique

  • Wed, Aug 25th, Promo 15 - At least 15 tiles and 7 of them must be unique

  • Thurs, Aug 26th, Promo 16 - At least 16 tiles and 8 of them must be unique

Public Drop at 12:01 PM EDT (4:01 PM UTC)

This is the public drop for those who do not qualify for the previous whitelisting drops and anyone who wants to add some more tiles to their inventory. This drop costs $6 USD. This drop lasts until all tiles are gone.

A Contest for Mints 1-10

We will draw 10 random people from those who have RSVP to the Aug 27th Land Sale event each week for these. You have multiple chances to win as long as you keep yourself registered for the event and you can also win multiple times over the course of the promotion schedule.

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