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Weekly Update 2021.12.10

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Previous Week's Announcements

Last week's update was in the form of our multiplayer game with Sammy Snake. You can watch that here . In case you missed it, we had a couple of big announcements so you might want to check it out or continue below and you’ll see what we were talking about.


Yep, you read that correctly! Just follow the itchio instructions to get it.

There is no in-game or lobby chat so please feel free to organize games and create Threads for games in the Alpha-Testing channel in our Discord server.

It’s been a long couple of days to get this ready for release and we are beat but we are pushing it out. It is alpha software so expect a few bugs still and please submit them to and we will fix them as we have time.

We are going to let the current Alpha testers have a little time with the build and we will be adding more testers soon.

Our Philosophy, Year End Review, and 2022 Plans

With only a few weeks left of 2021 and quite a few new faces in the Discord and subscriber list, I thought it would be good to reintroduce you all to our philosophy with this project, where we are overall, and where we plan on going in the upcoming year as well as how closely that matches what we had hoped for. So here goes.

Our Philosophy

From the beginning, we have always said that this project is not for NFT flippers. If you’re looking for a project to buy and sell NFTs quickly for huge amounts of profit, this isn’t it. If you’re looking to be involved with a cool game studio that is trying to pioneer the crowdsourcing/funding of modders so we can all win-win-win then this is a project you might be interested in.

We will not hype this project in order for your tiles to go up in value. What we will do is work hard to build an awesome game that will be worthy of any amount of hype. It's a long-term strategy that we hope to prove out in the end. If you're worried about opportunity costs, keep the above in mind. This is a long-term project. If a long-term project isn’t what you signed up for then you should probably look for a decent exit strategy that makes it as painless as possible.

With that in mind, we are building a marketing strategy that focuses on getting this game known and into the hands of as many people as we can. A big part of this strategy is to work with influencers to get the game visible through as many channels as we can. This is our focus now in a small way and a larger way early next year as we build relationships with influencers and fans. We will also be marketing the game on various websites and platforms when the game is a bit further along.

Where are we now?

In order to know where we are it's good to have a map with our location marked on it. Here is the roadmap we previously published.

Alpha Phase 1: All Single Player Game Breaking Bugs Fixed. (Complete)

Alpha Phase 2: All Multiplayer (Network) Game Breaking Bugs Fixed (In-Process)

Alpha Phase 3: Crypto Calculations for Game Winner Micro Payments Working on Test Net

Alpha Phase 4: Map Creation and Micro Payments Working on Test Net

Beta Phase(s): All Contracts Moved to The Main Net and working through any existing issues…

1.0 Public Release: The game is stable and lots of people are enjoying it ;)

We are about where we expected to be as we close in at the end of the year except we are going full-time soon. That was not in the plan for the level of funding we did in August but we think there is enough momentum for us to take on that level of risk for ourselves and our families.

The holiday season is upon us and the alpha multiplayer is now available to current Alpha playtesters so you have something fun to do when you’re bored over the holiday breaks. ;)

We will continue to build relationships with influencers who are also fans. We are trying to schedule weekly games to stream and will probably have some giveaways during those. We would also like to do some of our own community games that we stream on YouTube. The details are being figured out.

There is an ongoing Discord invite contest currently happening. You can read the deets in our contest channel on Discord. If you have not joined Discord yet, you should.

The Remainder of This Year and Early Next Year

Our website needs a facelift and we will be doing that in the coming weeks. The primary focus is to include marketing content which should help grow interest in the game as we get more eyes on it.

We should be transferring from Phase 2 to 3 in the early part of 2022 if things go as planned. We can’t wait to be able to spend more focused time on the project. As we have mentioned before, C++ smart contract development is not our specialty. We will need some serious focus and are getting some help in the form of contracts others are using in their own projects and some dev help in that regard as well.

In Summary

Things are about where we expected them to be with the exception of us going full-time. Our philosophy has not changed and we will continue to push forward to make an awesome game for your enjoyment.

As always, ~ GG

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