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Weekly Update 2021.11.19

Development Update

We are going to try better to get this out each week. You will see us start to include what we did as well as what we think needs to be done before the next phase is marked as complete.

Bug Fixes For Phase 2

  • When a new ally died, you would see the entire map without the fog of war.

  • Follow the leader had extra arrows and wrong counts showing up and had one unit following multiple directions at one time (nasty business).

  • Fealty pledges

  • The game didn’t register Todd’s pledge to Chadrick in our game though I think that was a special code on Todd’s part.

  • Fealty buttons were showing up when they shouldn’t

  • You can’t pledge fealty to yourself.

  • You can now accept multiple pledges of fealty in one turn

  • You can now view the remainder of the game if all human players are defeated

  • Cancel All (shift [x]) will only cancel the army actions

  • Engagement icons are showing for everything a player can see now

  • The surrender button is now there

Bugs and Feature Fixes for Phase 2 Completion

  • There is an issue with rejoining games that are underway which means you can only play real-time multiplayer at the moment and if you get disconnected for any reason the game cannot continue and is over without being able to finish.

  • Our max data size for turn results that each player needs to process each player’s actions has been reached when the maps are huge and the game is longer than a normal solo game.

  • We need a countdown timer for the turns

  • Particles are showing up when they shouldn’t

  • We need to make sure our APIs are hosted in the right place.

Holiday Next Week

Next week is our Thanksgiving holiday and we both have plans with family so not much is planned for the game those couple of days. This means the multiplayer alpha release is a couple more weeks out… but speaking of multiplayer...

Sammy Snake Multiplayer Stream

We are doing our best to get the multiplayer ready for alpha testers. We talked to Sammy Snake ( and he has graciously agreed to host our first public multiplayer game on his stream. We are planning on doing this on Dec 2nd or 3rd.

Help Wanted

We are in need of a social media marketing specialist to help us with content and community growth. If you’re interested please DM us on Discord with your qualifications, why you want the job, and what pay you would require.

Big Picture Roadmap

  1. Alpha Phase 1: All Single Player Game Breaking Bugs Fixed. (Complete)

  2. Alpha Phase 2: All Multiplayer (Network) Game Breaking Bugs Fixed (In-Process)

  3. Alpha Phase 3: Crypto Calculations for Game Winner Micro Payments Working on Test Net

  4. Alpha Phase 4: Map Creation and Micro Payments Working on Test Net

  5. Beta Phase(s): All Contracts Moved to The Main Net and working through any existing issues…

  6. 1.0 Public Release: Game is stable and lots of people are enjoying it ;)

From the Discord Mods

The @The High Council is proud to announce 2 new contests. Contest I: Member-Tips Weekly Raffle

Contest II: Daily Duel for the Throne

Check the rules channel for contest rules and information. We hope you have fun! We are also working on a third contest aimed at community growth that we will announce as soon as we finalize the details.

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