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Today's Promo Tile #9 Drop and Promo Tile Mint/Rarity Equivalency!

Today is the day! We start the first of eight daily drops leading up to the Aug 27th Land Sale. To see the schedule click here.

The Plains With A Happy Tree (or Plains and Oak) In Gameplay

This is one of five variations of the plain tile. This tile is primed and ready to have a farm built upon it as long as it is within 3 hexes from one of your or your ally's villages or keeps.

Preview of the Pack Tiles

Here is the Legendary rarity of this pack tile. What do you think?

Keep An Eye Out for Early Prerelease Game Reviews

We are hoping to get a couple of reviews linked to you soon. We will post them as they come in.

Drop Details

Today's Drop Schedule

Both whitelisted drops happen at 14:00 UTC. The public drop happens at 16:00 UTC.

A New Low Mints (1-10) Contest

Maps created with lower mints will produce more mana, which should drive more demand for those maps to be used in games, so consider that before selling it on the market if you win one of these awesome tiles. You can read more about the low mint number utility here as well as below...

As always you only need to RSVP to the Aug 27th Land Sale to be included in your chance to win one of these 10 mints.

Promo Mint Numbers and Rarity Equivalency (did I spell that right?)

Lots of you have asked what mint numbers equal what rarity levels. Here are those numbers and we have something special after the sale is over. Keep reading to find out what...

  • Mints 1-5 = Celestial

  • Mints 6-50 = Legendary

  • Mints 51-200 = Epic

  • Mints 201-500 = Rare

  • Mints 500+ = Uncommon

Some after sale blends for extra boxes

After the sale is over we are planning for some blends. One is for 7 matching promo tile types for a Three-Tier Land Tile Pack (That's 21 slots at or near the following percentages). This should make those 500+ promo mints hold/gain in value.

  • common 46.51% 9.76744186

  • uncommon 27.36% 5.745554036

  • rare 16.42% 3.447332421

  • epic 8.21% 1.723666211

  • legendary 1.37% 0.2872777018

  • celestial 0.14% 0.02872777018

We will be releasing more information (how many packs, percentages, and prices) about all the Land Tile Packs very soon. Keep an eye on these posts.

Thank you for your continued support.

~ gg

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