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Today's Promo Tile #8 Drop and Preview of Land Sale Tiles

Next week Thursday starts our daily drops leading to the Aug 27th Land Sale! To see the schedule click here.

The Ancient Oaks In Gameplay

Currently, there are three variations of the forest tile. You need to clear forests before armies can move through them, and before builders can build farms upon them. Both armies and builders can clear a forest in one turn. Forests make decent temporary walls so don't cut them down too soon.

Preview of the Pack Tiles

We are excited to share a preview of the tiles that will be available at the Aug 27th Land Sale. What do you think?

Keep An Eye Out for Early Prerelease Game Reviews

Over the next couple of days, we are releasing an early preview of the solo game to some influencers. We will post links to the reviews as they come in.

Drop Details

Promo Tile Count

Note that we are limiting this and all future promo drops to 700 mints. Good luck.

Today's Drop Schedule

Both whitelisted drops happen at 2 PM UTC (10 AM EDT). The public drop happens at 4 PM UTC (12 PM EDT).

A New Low Mints (1-10) Contest

Maps created with lower mints will produce more mana, which should drive more demand for those maps to be used in games, so consider that before selling it on the market if you win one of these awesome tiles. You can read more about the low mint number utility here.

As always you only need to RSVP to the Aug 27th Land Sale to be included in your chance to win one of these 10 mints.

Thank you for your continued support.

~ gg

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