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Today's Promo Tile #7 Drop Is Counting Down

After this drop, we have one more Thursday drop before we start our daily drops the following Thursday leading to the Aug 27th Land Sale! To see the schedule click here.

The Grassland Plains In Gameplay

Currently, there are five variations of the plain tile and eventually, each might provide a slightly different availability to our builder's available actions, but for now, this tile is primed and ready to have a farm built upon it as long as it is within 3 hexes from one of your or your allies villages or strongholds.

Drop Details

Promo Tile Count

Note that we are limiting this drop to around 65% of our site subscriber count rather than keep raising it to 100% of that count. We will keep an eye on the results and may raise or lower that percentage in future promo drops with the goal of helping to support a healthy secondary market for both traders and fans. Note that the last drop with a few more tiles and fewer subscribers sold out in about 3 minutes with a 30-second recharge limit. Good luck.

Whitelisting Audit Log Results

The whitelisting audit log seems to be doing its job pretty well as we are getting fewer questions about whitelisting and more New Fan requirements being met. Also, we have had a couple of new True Fans accounts whitelisted even at those early promo tile prices. Thank you all for your support. To read more about how to get whitelisted for future drops go here.

Today's Drop Schedule

Both whitelisted drops happen at 2 PM UTC (10 AM EDT). The public drop happens at 4 PM UTC (12 PM EDT).

A New Low Mints (1-10) Contest

Maps created with lower mints will produce more mana, which should drive more demand for those maps to be used in games, so consider that before selling it on the market if you win one of these awesome tiles. You can read more about the low mint number utility here.

As always you only need to RSVP to the Aug 27th Land Sale to be included in your chance to win one of these 10 mints.

We hope you all are having fun with this promotional time. Thank you for your continued support.

~ gg

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