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Seventh Stuff Weekly Update 2021.09.14

This is a couple of days late for getting this weekly update onto the site. If you're not a member of our Discord or have not subscribed to our YouTube channel yet, then you might not know about this yet. We hope you like it.


A New Weekly Announcement

So in our line of work, we often have daily standup meetings where we discuss what we did yesterday and what we plan to do today as well as mention any roadblocks that stand in the way of us accomplishing our goals. We are going to do this on a weekly basis so folks can see what work is being done and how far along things are and what to expect and when to expect it.

Thanks To Our Discord Mods

For setting up all the Bot Help text for answering FAQ stuff. You folks ROCK!

  • Bitius the Quarrelsome

  • BeenCopped

  • Bersekister - for running all of the giveaways

Thanks to “The Cartographer” weltraumduft

For creating an unofficial cartographer app that folks are having fun planning their own apps with. I had fun building my own when it first came out.

CAUTION: Be Careful of Blockchain Apps/Games (Ours Included)

Never ever put your private key in any app, but rather use a wallet that you trust. Also, watch the Actions being performed by the wallet. Using the wrong app could result in all your NFTs and WAX being stolen and there isn’t anything anyone could do to help if it happened. WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PRIVATE KEY

When will the game be released?

We said it would be around 2 weeks last week but we talked it over and have a few more features to add so we are targeting Oct 1st for a limited release of the game/cartographer to a few folks. As long as that goes well we will continue to release it to more folks. (this is subject to change)

Last Week’s Accomplishments

Inventory in the Cartographer

  1. Read-only: you could put anyone’s account in there.

  2. It doesn’t require a signature.

  3. It will keep track of how many tiles you’re using and how many you have: for example, 10/45 means you’re using 10 of your total 45 of that specific asset.

  4. Future plans for turning the numbers red when over

  5. Future plans for requiring a signature (logging into your cloud wallet or through anchor) for showing your inventory WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PRIVATE KEY

Figured out how to add mutable data to an existing asset.

  1. Thank you Rob from EOS Detroit and Facings for helping me figure that out a bit.

  2. This will be huge in figuring out how to lock the assets into a map.

  3. Transfer the tile to an account (locked)

  4. TransferredFromAccount

  5. PayToAccount

  6. MapAssetId

  7. LocationX

  8. LocationY

Researching the Wax blockchain

  1. Local blockchain running through Docker

  2. Starting, stopping, configuring with Nodeos

  3. Getting the wallet set up with the system account PKs using Cleos

This Week’s Plan

It’s still just me for these first few weeks. Todd might be joining me next week (we hope).

  1. Start a weekly blog/video update to publish to the Discord

  2. Do some administrative and accounting work

  3. Do more Wax Blockchain and Smart Contract learning

  4. Get Backtrace for Gaming setup for when we release the early testing version

Until next time,


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