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Risks and Challenges (i.e. Disclaimer)

Because this is a crowd-funding pre-production-game sale of game asset NFTs that are meant to be used in that currently unfinished game, we want to make sure you have all the deets (i.e. details) so you can determine for yourselves the level of risk you are comfortable with.

We love Risk by the way and our game does have some Risk nods to it.

The Current State of The Game

  • The game is playable in both single-player and multiplayer modes but it is buggy.

  • The single-player game is more stable than the multi-player game.

  • The Cartographer feature (map making) is working but not associated with NFTs yet. You can currently create a map with tiles and then playtest the map in a solo player game.

  • Play to Earn token rewards are coded without blockchain tech at the moment so we can play around with the tokenomics before committing to smart contract development.

If Everything Goes Right

First, we will give the straight “Happy Path” version of how things might go in a perfect world.

Phase 1

In that perfect world, you will have a playable single-player, beta version of our turn-based game with the cartographer feature as soon as we can after the Aug 27th sale.

Phase 2

After that is released we will roll out the map NFT ownership minting process as soon as we can. The process by which your now designed maps get included into the game’s Map Atlas and you get a unique “Land Owner” NFT associated with your map. At this point, other cartographer’s maps will be available to be played in your solo-player games.

Phase 3

Next, as soon as we can we roll out the tokenomics of the Multi-Player/Tournament Token award system. This is the Play-to-Earn aspect of the game.

Phase 4

Next, as soon as we can we open up the beta multi-player gameplay and continue to tweak the tokenomics so winners and map makers are awarded for gameplay.

Phase 5

The game is publicly available to play by the larger player audience and we move onto new planned features.

As soon as we can...

“ soon as we can…” will have everything to do with the funding level the sale provides. In our current circumstances, we can realistically spend about 10 hours per week on the game. Any more than that on top of our full-time jobs and family time, we suffer from burn-out. This is experience speaking. That means if we don’t want to suffer burnout, we get an equivalency of about one full-time week per real-time month. With a high enough funding level that changes things and we will have to see what tomorrow brings in that regard.

What could go wrong?

It’s not fun thinking through all the ways things could go wrong but it’s a good pragmatic way to potentially mitigate things upfront and you should know before partnering with us through owning the game NFTs.

The Team Dynamic

In my opinion, this is the most important aspect of the project. This project is our baby. It’s our passion project and we work really well together. We have been working together on projects for over three years and because of that, we know what works for us and what doesn’t. So if one of us was to get sick, or have a serious family emergency, or something that would put us out of commission for a while, the project would probably be on hold and potentially it might never start up again.


We have both experienced it in the past. One or both of us gets super excited and pushes ourselves beyond what is sustainable and the project can suffer. Realistic expectations, sustainable schedules, and being flexible keeps us from becoming burned out. If we were to both get burned out (I don’t see this happening) the project could suffer.

Technical Complexity

We are working on things that are not easy to implement. Programming a decent game and the game’s architecture is challenging enough, now throw on the added complexity of blockchain technology and we have ramped up that challenge level a few more slots.

Collectively we have 40+ years of programming experience. Learning new technology and knowing how to avoid pitfalls is an ongoing thing that is just part of the job. If we didn’t enjoy challenges then we wouldn’t have picked programming as a career.

Technology Partners

No one knows what tomorrow brings. We are picking our partners because we think they will be around in the future. Some of this tech we are using is so new and so experimental as to raise the risk level a bit higher still.

The Unity game engine and the people around it are great and we don’t see that changing. Our multiplayer server tech is good and is being used by many multi-player games out there. We will continue to evaluate that.

WAX has been a very good blockchain so far. We will see what Ultra does when it comes on the scene and see if we want to utilize any of their tools. Atomic Hub and the team behind have developed some awesome tools to help make NFTs easy and efficient to create and manage. Neftyblocks are building tools on top of the Atomic Assets protocol and we are taking advantage of the tools that make sense to us. To put faith in us and our project means you are also putting faith in the partners we are choosing as well.


NFTs are new and we are just scratching the surface of what can and will be done with them. We are learning as we go and will make missteps along the way. We already have but they have not been catastrophic.

Crypto Risks

Any time you’re talking about crypto you’re talking about valuable assets with a lot of attack vectors and management risk. Risks exist from hackers, government regulatory do-gooders, private key managers, smart-contract development, and so on. Ultimately this is a game and if we lost it all to some unknown catastrophe it would not be the end of the world. It would suck for all of us involved but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. If you think it would be the end of the world then you probably should not be involved in this game or crypto in general ;)

Smart Contracts

Neither of us is a full-time C++ developer and that is the language the EOSio/WAX smart contracts are developed in. We can “get by” developing in C++ but it takes us longer than when we are using our languages of choice. We will take our time and probably hire some help with at least two of our more important contracts.

In Summary

The risks are high but we believe we have what it takes to complete the tasks we have set before ourselves. If you agree we would love to have you become partners with us through this endeavor.


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