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Promo Tile #6 Drop Is Created and Counting Down

Time flies when you're having fun. After this drop, we only have 2 more weekly drops before we start our daily drops for the week leading to the Aug 27th land sale! To see the schedule click here.

The whitelisted drops are at 10:01 AM EDT (2:01 PM UTC) and the public drop is at 12:01 AM EDT (4:01 PM UTC)

The Village Tile In Gameplay

Currently, there are two variations of the village tile. These tiles support 2 armies and 1 builder and are usually created by upgrading a farm to a village using a builder unit. In normal gameplay, the new village must be 3 tiles from an existing village or stronghold/keep. In custom maps, we will allow a number of neutral villages to be placed. If an unclaimed village is found on the map it can be claimed by the player who moves at least one army into the hex.

Welcome new subscribers!

The Atomic Hub ad was a success and we have had another significant increase in new subscribers to the site this week. We are basing the tile availability on those numbers to make it easier for all of you to meet the requirements of being whitelisted in the upcoming Fan drops. Thank you for your support and excitement!

Whitelisting Requirements (Please help us make this easier)

It seems our whitelisting requirements are not clear enough. If you could, please read the post that explains the requirements and let us know how we might make things clearer and/or easier to find. Thank you very much.

Contest Winners and Whitelisting Audit

In the future, we will merge the contest winners and whitelist audit posts into one as to cut down on the emails filling your inboxes. And as a reminder, to be included in the contest you only need to RSVP to the Aug 27th Land Sale

~ gg

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