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Promo Tile #5 Drops - Here Is The Plan (Whitelisting Rules w/ A Deadline)

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Everything written below can be changed up until we do the drop. We don't expect it to but it can. We will write updates at the end if things do change.

The Plan

The plan is to have 3 drops and a contest.

  1. We will do a mints (1-10) contest drop like we are doing for Promo Tile #4 and did for Promo Tile #3. These low mints should have some value for maps created with them. See our post about low mint utility.

  2. We will do two simultaneous early whitelisted drops that will last 17 hours and 58 minutes (Thursday, July 22nd, 12:01 PM EDT (4:01 UTC) - Friday, July 23rd, 5:59 AM EDT (9:59 AM UTC). If you are whitelisted for either of these drops you can buy 2 copies of the tile but must wait 1 minute between purchases so the mints are spread out. You can only be whitelisted for one of the two drops. If you're whitelisted for the True Fans Drop you will not be whitelisted for the New Fans Drop. You must meet the whitelisting qualifications by the time we do a snapshot of the blockchain on Thursday, July 22nd at 5 AM EDT (9 AM UTC). We will not do another snapshot after that time and we will not add you to a whitelist manually after this deadline. Please do not ask ;) Any unclaimed tiles from these two drops will be minted and stored in theseventhgg account for safekeeping until either we do an auction for the tiles within it or use them for prizes in the first tournament. Whitelisting Qualification Rules:

  3. The True Fans Drop

  4. True Fans will have every promo tile that exists. That means you must have at least one of ALL FOUR of the previous promo tiles.

  5. At least one Overgrown Wilderness AND

  6. At least one Promo Tile #2 AND

  7. At least one Promo Tile #3 AND

  8. At least one Promo Tile #4.

  9. This drop will cost 10 WAX each.

  10. The New Fans Drop

  11. New fans will have at least 50% of the promo drops and hold at least 4 promo tiles of any kind in their account.

  12. At least one each of two different promo tiles AND

  13. At least 4 promo tiles in total.

  14. This drop will cost 25 WAX each.

  15. We will have a 3rd drop that will begin Friday, July 23rd at 12:01 PM EDT (4:01 PM UTC). The cost of that drop will be 50 WAX each. This drop is open to all. Completing a captcha will be required to buy from this drop.

Updated Sunday, July 18th, at 11:38 AM EDT

The deadline for the whitelisting snapshot has been moved up one hour from Wednesday, July 21st at 6 PM EDT (10 PM UTC) to 5 PM EDT (9 PM UTC).

Updated Tuesday, July 20th, at 5:38 AM EDT

Extending the whitelisting snapshot deadline until Thursday, July 22nd at 5 AM EDT (9 AM UTC) so people who read the winner's announcement will have a bit of time to meet the whitelisting requirements if they so desire.

The Key for the non-whitelisted drop will be available on this site's Forum rather than posted as an update here.

Update Thursday, July 22nd, at 9:40 AM EDT

Key will not be required.

~ gg

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