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Promo Tile #4 Drops - Here Is How We See Things Going Down

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

So far, every drop and mint has given us more experience and understanding of how things work. I'm sure we will learn something new with this 4th one too.

The Plan

We will have 3 separate drops for Promo Tile #4.

  1. We will do a mints (1-10) contest drop like we are doing for Promo Tile #3. See post about low mint utility.

  2. We will do an early whitelisted drop that will last 21 hours and 58 minutes (July 15-16th). This will limit the drop to 1 per account. In order to qualify for this whitelisted drop, you will need to have at least one of each of the 3 previous promo tiles. The cost of that drop will be 10 WAX. To get all three before the drop, visit the market. Hopefully, these true fans would not even be thinking of transferring their 3 tiles to another account so they can buy more tiles cheaply. If that happens those accounts will be flagged in some way for the map creation process later. Please don't be that person. Let's keep things fair for everyone ;)

  3. If there are any remaining tiles we will do a normal drop that will allow one per account +24 hr reset that will last until those tiles are gone (starting July 16th at 12:01 PM EST). The cost of that drop will be 50 WAX.

So you should become a true fan because it pays to be a true fan :) If you want a cheap tile, get yourself one of each of the 3 existing promo tiles.

Update July 10th, 9:07 AM:

Good point Manbino! Future whitelists will not require ALL the previous promos, but a subset of them (as long as Neftyblocks drops allow this). Maybe 3 different promo tiles? Not sure on the deets yet, but we will figure it out. This first time doing this will require one of each of the previous to get things started.

Update July 11th, 7:50 AM:

The drops have been created for Thursday and Friday. We have actually increased the promo count of #4 to 210. There is enough interest now and we don't want the secondary market prices to go through the roof. We shall see what happens. What are your predictions for the drops and secondary market prices after? Will we sell out in the True Fans Drop? Will we struggle to sell all of the 200 available?

Update July 12th, 11:46 PM

We have made the decision to limit the first drops to 1 mint for whitelisted accounts to make sure there are some available for the new fans as well as the true fans. We're hoping everyone understands our decision.

Update July 15th, 10:05 AM

We have reversed our decision to limit the first True Fans drop to 1 now that we know the second drop will have at least 100 Promo tiles within it.

~ gg

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