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Promo Mint Numbers and Rarity Equivalency

This needed its own post so I'm doing it here... Please share if you see people asking if promo tiles will be used in the game.

Lots of you have asked if promo tiles will be used in the game. Yes, they will and they have an equivalency to the higher rarity tiles in the packs. Here is how those mint numbers fall.

  • Mints 1-5 = Celestial

  • Mints 6-50 = Legendary

  • Mints 51-200 = Epic

  • Mints 201-500 = Rare

  • Mints 500+ = Uncommon

Some after sale blends for extra boxes

After the sale is over we are planning for some blends. One is for 7 matching promo tile types for a Three-Tier Land Tile Pack (That's 21 slots at or near the following percentages). This should make those 500+ promo mints hold/gain in value.

  • common 46.51% 9.76744186

  • uncommon 27.36% 5.745554036

  • rare 16.42% 3.447332421

  • epic 8.21% 1.723666211

  • legendary 1.37% 0.2872777018

  • celestial 0.14% 0.02872777018

We will be releasing more information (how many packs, percentages, and prices) about all the Land Tile Packs very soon. Keep an eye on these posts.

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