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Progress Update #1

As we get nearer to the sale, we are also working hard on getting a playable version of The 7th Seal ready to go. We are planning to release a single-player alpha demo as soon as humanly possible.

As part of this effort, we've been working hard on cleaning up the user interface of the game. Here is a shot of the new title menu screen that you see when you launch the game.

The 7th Seal Title Screen
shiny new title screen

We've also been working on the village and unit actions you interact with along the bottom of the screen when playing the game to give it a clean, polished look and feel.

The 7th Seal village and unit actions gui
village and builder actions (still a work in progress, but much cleaner than before)

Villages offer two actions you can take, given you have enough farms to support them. It allows you to train an army, or hire a builder. (In the image below, you can also see a floating icon above the village denoting that it is training an army)

Builders have up to five actions, given the correct circumstances. They can move, build a farm, upgrade a farm to a village, clear a forest, or stay put (which, is not really an action at all, but I digress).

Armies can move/attack, stay/defend, and clear forests. If there are multiple armies on a tile, you can also choose to move/attack with all or tell them all to stay and defend.

The 7th Seal village and army actions gui
village and army actions

As for the turn actions (bottom right), fealty actions (just above that) and player info area (cut-off above that), we have plans for those so stay tuned for an update soon.

Here's a little clip of telling an Army to move...


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