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Pre-Game Land Sale

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Who are we and what are we doing?

I've been excited about the potential of blockchain gaming for some time. We have worked on two previous games that were frankly too much to finish in a reasonable amount of time as part-time developers.

We decided that if we were going to get something done we needed to take smaller bites of something simple and fun that we could grow larger over time.

So here we are today. The game is coming along nicely. We have gone from a simple prototype to a relatively decent alpha game over the last seven months.

Now we think it's time to see how serious things might become and to determine that we have a unique NFT offering we are planning to do in 5 weeks' time if things fall into place correctly.

This will hopefully allow us to fund our continued work and to give backers the ability to partner with us as the game is released. Our pre-game NFT sale is designed to create Founding Landowners.

What does it mean to be a Founding Landowner?

We will be offering digital packs that will contain a variety of land tiles and digital vellum that can be combined to make game maps. Also included will be some rare collectibles and potentially some in-game fungible currency certificates to be used later as the game matures.

At or around the same time that pack opening commences we will release a limited feature Alpha Game and Cartography App so tile owners can easily design their own maps and test them in solo player mode.

What Owning Land Means

Eventually, multiplayer games will pay out in-game fungible currency to winning players. Along with those winnings will be a percentage payment to the map's owner.

Digital vellum is what allows these tiles to be transformed into in-game maps for others to play. The accounts that hold the map vellum receive the percentage payment. This means vellums might become quite valuable and could even be traded if someone wanted the promise of residual in-game fungible currency.

Future Plans for Maps and Vellum

The vellums that get transformed in this pre-game phase will be included in the collection of default game maps.*

After the pre-game sale, vellum will be available in different qualities and only the best quality vellum will allow new maps to be included in the game's default maps.

Lower quality vellum will allow limited numbers of maps to be minted and sold directly to players. We think this will make for some interesting opportunities and we are excited to see how it plays out.

Join Our Mailing List

We will be releasing a few promotional NFT drops over the next 5 weeks. Join our mailing list to keep on top of drop dates including the pre-game landowner sale. We hope you like what we're planning.

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