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Our Limited Unlimited Land Sale ;)


First, this NFT Land Sale is not for flippers. Personally, I think projects that are just about NFT flipping give NFTs a very 2017 ICO vibe and that wasn’t a positive vibe for me. I'm not judging, I have and occasionally do buy and sell NFTs for profit. It’s fun and exciting sometimes. If you’re looking for a project to buy and sell NFTs quickly for huge amounts of profit, this isn’t it. If you’re looking to be involved with a cool game studio that is trying to pioneer the crowdsourcing/funding of modders so we can all win-win-win then this is a project you might be interested in.

Pricing The Tiles

There are currently a few things that are driving our decision on pricing and pack limits or non-limits. Let’s try to work through them as we see them and we can discuss what we might be missing in the Discord.

The first thing we want to think about is the price per tile. If the price is too low there will be a lot of maps being made and each map will have a small number of eyes on it. If the price is too high there will not be a nice variety of maps. So what are we to do? How many maps are we going for? Do we guess? Is there something out there we might be able to benchmark off of? I'm glad you asked.

There is this cool turn-based boutique game we played for a long time called Warzone (formerly Warlight). Warzone lets its players make their own maps and share them with the community. Mapmakers do not get paid when players play on their maps. ;)

Warzone, as I’m writing this, currently has 2509 maps. The game has been around for quite some time and didn't get those maps all at once, but there is some good data there.

We are figuring anywhere from 10-50% of our tile buyers will actually create maps this first go-round. Lots of folks will still probably do the flipping thing and that's cool as long as they don't get upset if our goals don't necessarily align. So I’m guessing the number is actually closer to 10% that will use all their tiles to build maps (I could be totally wrong. I've been wrong once or twice before.)

Our solo square map that you can see in this video which takes around 20-60 minutes to play has 99 tiles in it. So let's just use that as a basis for the average map. There will be smaller and MUCH MUCH bigger maps. I'm actually investing in making my own map of Westeros for fellow players. It's going to be massive and take days instead of hours to play… but I digress. Where was I heading? 99 tiles as a basis. Let's throw out some hypotheticals using 100 tiles to make the math easy.

Hypothetical Results

For reference, Warzone/Warlight has 2509 public maps. Let's say the Land Sale does the following numbers.


  • We are still at our day jobs and development takes 4x the speed it would if we were full-time.

  • We have a decent foundation for going forward.

  • 29-50K Tiles would exist in this example.

  • If 10% of owners used all their tiles then 290-500 maps max.

  • If 50% then 1450-2500 maps


  • We are still at our day jobs

  • We have a more decent foundation for going forward.

  • 71-125K Tiles

  • If 10% then 710-1250 maps

  • If 50% then 3550-6500 maps


  • We are full-time game devs and we do what currently takes a month, in about a week's time!

  • 143-250K Tiles

  • If 10% then 1,430-2,500 maps

  • If 50% then 7,140-12,500 maps


  • We are a serious small studio

  • 286-500K Tiles

  • If 10% then 2,860-5,000 maps

  • If 50% then 14,300-25,000 maps


  • We are looking to finish this and add awesome features and produce some other large scope games

  • 571K-1M Tiles

  • If 10% then 5,710-10,000 maps

  • If 50% then 28,550-50,000 maps

That could be a high number of maps!

With these hypothetical numbers, those higher ones could produce too many maps. A feature that we're planning is hex elevation or height. Units can go up/down one level but not two and archers and spearmen can attack from the higher ground. If we're to get up into these higher sales that feature would be high on our list and what that would mean is that each layer would need an extra tile of the same type so a high number of those would be used. So players would get a much higher quality game and maps are better limited.

ROI and Tokenomics

First things first. We're making no promises. You might not make anything from your maps. If things go bad you might not be able to make maps. Please see our Disclaimer post.

Ok now with that out of the way. Let's say a map costs you the max of $350 to make. To get a return on your money in one year you'd need the micropayments to pay you about a dollar a day. Now that's for one year and the max cost. The min-cost is $200 so you would need about $.55/day return. Can we get there? Maybe not in one year, maybe not ever but we have some things planned that might. That's a HUGE "might".

There is a lot of potential, dependent on funding, to get The 7th Seal onto a number of gaming platforms where crypto-earning games aren’t the norm. Steam, Nintendo Switch, and other consoles could provide huge market potential if we have the opportunity to release there.

Play/Mod/Support/Empower to Earn

We are baking in a Play to Earn mechanism into the game and hopefully more. Actually, it would be better described as Win to Earn. Each game played produces or mints an amount of mana based on the rarity makeup of all the tiles used when creating the map, the size of the map, and the time it took to play the game. For multiplayer games and tournaments, there will be a buy-in of GG tokens to join (more about GG tokens later). The mana that is minted will be split four or more ways.

Note: The following numbers are not set in stone and probably will change.

A Fourth or Fifth to The Winners

The main winner gets a base of 15% of this portion. All the players that have sworn fealty to the winner and the winner split the remaining 85% by the number of tiles, farms, settlements, and keeps they control.

A Fourth or Fifth to the Modders

Mapmakers and eventually other modders will split this.

A Fourth or Fifth to the Studio for Ongoing Expenses

We would use it to pay for networking, salaries, and other costs.

A Fourth or Fifth for Owners

Hopefully, we and potentially some like-minded investors can take some profit along the way.

Maybe A Fifth to Stakers

This could be where a good portion of that newly minted mana could go and payout based on the percentage you have staked. This isn't planned yet, but it's a possibility.


So yeah, there are lots of exciting plans. We hope to get funded so we can accomplish all/most of them. We hope you join us for the ride. Thanks for your support.

~ gg

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