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Dev Update 2022.2.24 - Multiplayer on Your Map!

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

The 7th week of us working full-time on The 7th Seal!

Wow, time has flown by. We are currently to the point where testers can actually make and publish their maps on the test net. Last week’s release included some bugs in the process that have hopefully been fixed. Thanks for your continued help with testing all this out.

battle in the mountain pass!

There are a lot of moving pieces and the more eyes we have on it the better the beta version will be once we release it. Speaking of the beta version, it’s feeling a lot closer than we had originally expected. This is awesome to be able to say on week number 7!

To those who are helping us test, there is a possibility that your test-net maps will be purged from time to time as we find bugs and have to make breaking changes. If you do have maps published (which you should be able to do now) and we purge, you will still be able to use your staked test tiles in your next map creation.

After this last release, we can see some refactoring that should happen to help us with maintainability over time. We will be spending a bit more time on that next week and also trying to get a lot better at what we are exposing with our tokenomics. It shouldn’t be long before you have a withdrawable fungible token balance from games played and maps played upon. It’s super exciting for us at this point in time.

Please join us on Discord if you haven’t already. We would love for you to be a part of our growing realm.

Until next time


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