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Grid-Offset Gotcha

So yesterday we figured out how we would get the Cartographer maps into a solo game, but ran into a couple of bugs before our day jobs started.

This morning I fixed the last of the two bugs and WOOHOO, we have the map importing and with predetermined starting locations.

Start with a simple early conflict map. This should be good!

We need at least 6 starting locations. The way we have defined things so far is the game will always have 6 players. We might/will probably change this in the future.

Cool map design! Let's try to test it in solo play...

Not quite what we had in mind. I'm thinking it has something to do with us designing the game with a hex offset coordinate system in the game vs cube coordinates in the map maker.

Thank you Red Blob Games for your awesome hex training and tutorials. If you're doing any kind of hex map stuff in games or any kind of maps in general this guy is AWESOME!


We do a couple more tests to see if I'm right...

Horizontal is correct...
Yep, vertical is the issue with the offsets.

So now we need to figure out what the ramifications will be of us switching from offset to cube coordinates in the game. I think that will be better in the long run as that allows us to do some cool math and potentially makes pathfinding a bit easier to code. Maybe...

As always we need to remind ourselves, "It's all part of the process."

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