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Development Update 2022.2.11

Yet another week is in the books and we've continued to make some really good progress. Once again, this week was mainly focused on the blockchain side of things.

Some of this Week's Accomplishments...

  • The Cartographer can now connect to our backend API fully. This brings us nearly to feature completion. We've also updated it to allow you to name your maps.

we've added the 'mini map' view
  • Our new backend API can now process all necessary transactions related to map-building on the blockchain.

  • Retrieving all available inventory tiles

  • Staking tiles for map creation

  • Publishing maps

  • Integrate with Anchor wallet for transaction signing

  • Also, we have nearly completed logic for seeding test wax accounts with a mixture of tiles to test with (for the testnet).

a peak at our new dashboard site

We also spent some more time with Machinations learning more about how we can model our tokenomics to ensure there is balance with the force. Their tool is wonderful and we are gaining a lot of insight and adjusting as necessary. This will be ongoing until we are happy with our model and projections.

Next Week...

We are hopeful that we will be ready to release a new alpha version that will include the Cartographer updates and allow testers to use the Dashboard with testnet accounts to create maps and help us iron out that process. We will be adding some additional testers so if you've not signed up, feel free to do so here.

We will also be focused on updating the game's multiplayer lobby system and work toward integrating the testnet maps into the game as playable maps!

We are pushing ever closer to beta! We are still looking for a strategic partner for helping us with marketing and social engagement. If you are that person, or know that person, please get in contact with us. We have some marketing plans in the works and we hope those will raise engagement in the coming weeks.

As always, please share our project with anyone and everyone who may (or may not) be interested.

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Until next time!


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