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Dev Update 2022.03.18 - The Mage Intro

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

We have been super busy this week, unfortunately, it wasn’t us working on exactly what we wanted to. We found a significant bug that needed to be fixed. To fix it we had to rewrite a large portion of the multiplayer networking code. In the long run, the code and game, in general, will be easier to maintain over time and allow us the flexibility to lean more into a direction we have wanted to go. So, all in all, it was well worth the effort but unfortunately, you won’t see much change on your end if you are helping us test things.

Some work has been done related to magic in the world. Here is a sneak peek at our mage model.

And here is the next installment of the game’s lore.

Chapter II: The Order of the Magi

When all of mankind finally awoke to the evils being done to their gracious benefactors, some were enraged and fought to help them. Others, their greed having been sparked by the treachery of their brethren, lusted for the power that the essences would bring and sought it out with gluttonous hunger. The chaos and bloodshed of The Dark Wars lasted hundreds of years and only came to an end with the rising of a quieter darkness.

A ruthless warlord, of which the world was cursed with many in those days, had a trusted lieutenant whom he sent to battle. On this fateful mission, in securing more power for his lord, he was mortally wounded and sought rest in the quiet and shelter of a nearby cavern. In the damp and darkness, he clung to life through the night, drifting into delirium and sleep with the certainty that his eyes would never see the light of morning.

But—to his surprise—morning did, indeed, dawn for him. He rose to a strength he thought had left him, and the wound, which had so nearly taken his life, had been healed. His mind, now clear and free from pain, wondered at the marvels that had befallen him, and he searched the cavern for understanding.

He searched for many months, spending most of his time in service to his lord and the rest in his feverish quest, until one day, he found what he had not known he was looking for. Deep in the recesses of the cavern where he had known death and life, lay the pool of essence. Ethereal and glowing as soft as blue pearl and clear as diamond, it captivated him with a power he had never known. He was drawn to it and began to learn all that he could of the Celestials and this pool that was left behind.

With the newfound power through the pool, he could have waged war immediately, rebelling against his lord and taking the land for himself. But he was cunning and waited. He continued to learn and search for more of the pools, enticing his closest followers to help by offering what the pools would provide—riches and grandeur. But when he had found seven—not wanting to risk the usurping of his own rule—he killed all but his most trusted. These he learned to control through magical oaths, as his own knowledge grew, and began teaching them all he had learned.

These enchanted souls became the first school of magic—The Order of the Magi.

Until next time

~ gg

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