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Developer Update 2022.01.28

Another week has gone by and this one seemed to go by faster than the first two for me at least. This is a shorter update this week. Todd's household has the Covid so this week has been a little different than normal. Hopefully, we are 100% next week.

I want to start with a huge shoutout to Nick Kusters for getting us up and running with our smart contract development. We would highly recommend hiring Nick if you’re in need of some contract work or need to get up to speed quickly and relatively painlessly.

Speaking of smart contracts and interfaces...

And then there have been some deep thoughts into tokenomics. You probably won't understand this one too much but it shows some machinations we are working through. Lots of levers and buttons to play around with. It might look very little like this in the end so I’m not going to try to explain things yet but it’s a decent starting point and this tool is AMAZING!

With this tool, you can set it up and watch the flow of assets moving around from pool to pool as you envision things. Then you can spot places you have made bad assumptions and do your best to fix things. If you're designing tokenomics for a game or anything for that manner, have a look at this powerful piece of software.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time,


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