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Developer Update 2021.12.24

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays To All!!!

We hope you are enjoying time with your family and friends this holiday season. We are super excited as it’s only a couple of weeks and we are full-time game devs. Single-digit work days remain before we transition! We didn’t think we would be getting much done this week but as it turns out we did find some time to accomplish a decent number of things.

The Discord mods are holding a little "Secret Santa" tile exchange. Check it out in the Discord announcements if you are not already part of it.

Bug Fixes/Features (v 0.10.7)

  • Seasonal Features: i.e. Christmas Tree

  • We did a bit of bug fixing on the multiplayer game. We are still finding some bugs but multiplayer is much more stable now.

  • We are playing around with the AI aggression levels a bit. Try some solo games and see if you notice any differences.

  • A little bit of website updating

Some Higher Priority Items

  • Get our website completely how we want it with a focus on helping people learn more about the game and how they can enjoy it (doing a little of this as we can).

  • Website to include an updated roadmap in some way

  • Revamp the multiplayer lobby and how games are created, started, and joined.

  • Advertising and promotions after the website is up-to-standards.

  • C++ Smart Contracts (starting this work early next year)

Promotional Plans

  • We are learning a lot about marketing and business in general. Exciting times are in store for the community in terms of growth potential.

  • We have worked out some advertising/promotional plans with a prominent NFT YouTuber. Expect that to drop sometime early first qty 2022.

Development Help

As we transition into the full-time new year we are hiring a part-time contractor who develops smart contracts for games you probably know about. He will help us get our bearings in the C++ smart contract realm. We are especially excited because he has come to smart contracts from a C# perspective which as you may or may not know is our language of experience and choice. We think this will be hugely beneficial and should speed up development on the blockchain side of things.

P.S. Sign up to be an Alpha tester here.

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