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Dev Update 2022.06.09: Growing Pains

As of late we have been doing a lot of tweaking and adjusting of things along the lines of Tokenomics, AI, and making improvements to the overall user experience (though there is work yet to be done there). We appreciate your feedback and input throughout this process and we hope the new changes will be beneficial and fun for everyone.

New Tokenomics Calc

As some of you may have noticed, we have introduced a new method for calculating and displaying ESSENCE pooled for each map. Each map has a rate at which its pool fills as well as how much of its pool it pays out with each play. Multiplayer games pay out at a higher percentage than solo games but all payouts come from the same pool. For instance, if players play solo games on a map it will also deplete the pool for creating multiplayer games.

Game Expiration

Sometimes, multiplayer games may become abandoned. If a multiplayer game sits idle for more than 2 times the max turn minutes or 4 hours (whichever is greater), the game will automatically be deactivated.

New Rules for Starting Games

For multiplayer games, you are only allowed to start one game at a time per map. This means that if you have started a game on a certain map, you will not be able to start another game on that map until the current one ends. This only applies to games created by you, not by others.

Once you start a solo game, it would be better to just play it out, rather than continuously starting game after game trying to get the starting Keep that you want. For this reason, there is now a cooldown time for each map.

Speedrun Competition

If you beat this, we know you cheated, because that’s what we did to get that screenshot! ;)

We are introducing a speedrun competition with Alpha version 0.18.2! The competition will always take place on the exact same map with the same AI opponents. From now until Jul 7, 2022, the game is afoot! Here are the rules if you’d like to take part and have a chance to win the prize:

  • Complete the Speed Run map in as few turns as possible without accepting any vassals or bending the knee.

  • Each entry into the competition must be recorded and uploaded to Youtube with the hashtags #The7thSeal #TurnBased #StrategyGames #SpeedRun to be counted.

  • Each entry must also post a tweet with the same hashtags and a link to your video and @The7thSealGame.

Since we love games (including our own), the winner will get to choose one of the following as their prize:

  • $50 Steam Gift Card

  • 9-Layer Pack of Genesis Tiles

If there is a tie in the number of turns, the shortest duration of the game will be the tie-breaker.

We hope that you participate in this competition as it will be fun but also we hope the entries are seen by others and that it helps bring in some new players to the game which will benefit us all!

Investment Opportunity

If you are interested in investing capital for equity ownership, we are open to discussion. We are also looking for a marketing expert who would consider working for equity.

For inquiries please contact us at

Contracting on 3D EOSIO Blockchain Games

As many in our community have said, there are not a ton of “real” 3D blockchain games with traditional gameplay out there. We would like to help rectify that and can offer contracted help for studios building more traditional style games that will incorporate WAX and other eosio chains into their gameplay.

For contract opportunities please contact us at

until next time,

~ gg

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