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Dev Update 2022.05.20: Mainnet Stats, Alcor, and an Ancient Mage Tower Sale

Mainnet Stats

This has been a really fun week! As of Monday we are officially on the Wax Mainnet. We had a couple small issues but for the most part things have gone smoothly. Many of you have been earning ESSENCE from playing and your 20 custom maps are doing quite well. So far, as I write this we have had 170 games played since the move to Mainnet, earning a total of 6496 ESSENCE. That’s an average earning per game of 38 that is then split between the Players, Map Makers, Studio, and The Pool (see our previous blog post for how those percentages work).

Map Stats

If you have a custom map(s) you can now view your stats on the maps page. I’ll show mine just so you can see what that looks like.

You can now also see the tile rarities and Avg Essence Per Game in the game client maps list. This should help you all in deciding what maps to try next. There are some nice paying maps out there, much more than mine, so have a look.

v 0.15.4

The Ancient Mage Tower Sale

As we wrote in our Discord and updated in our last post we are not selling the Ancient Mage Tower as a tile. Instead it is a feature that can be added to an existing Epic or higher Plain or Forest within the cartographer. As the magic system is still in development this is a future feature asset. Those maps with these towers will be the first ones with magic use available to them.

Discussion has been had about selling all new things in ESSENCE only and though we like that idea in the long term, right now we are selling these for both ESSENCE and at a premium WAX price, with ESSENCE being the best deal. So if you play the game and earn ESSENCE, you can get one or a few of these Ancient Mage Towers just for having some fun and withdrawing your winnings.

We will be setting up a whitelist of all players who have linked their wax account. These accounts will be able to purchase up to 7 of the Ancient Mage Towers using either ESSENCE or WAX 3 hours before the sale officially starts. We will also be using you as guinea pigs to see how our site handles things. Even though we have tested on the testnet we might run into issues and three hours should be enough to fix things.

Some Notes About ESSENCE On Alcor

Although we are doing a ratio of 1:4 for this sale it is more of an attempt to get you all playing the game rather than us trying to set a price for ESSENCE. That will happen when people trade within Alcor. Oh and by the way there is a WAX|ESSENCE pair on Alcor now ( At this time the first trade was 7 WAX for 1 ESSENCE (just for historical purposes). Make sure you are only using ESSENCE with the seventhtoken contract as someone could potentially put out another ESSENCE token under a different contract. We have started the process to get our ESSENCE logo up there as soon as possible. We will probably be creating a liquidity pool early next week but anyone can do it anytime they feel comfortable or use the market however you prefer.

Getting ESSENCE Setup In Wallets

Here is some info to help you setup your wallets.

WAX Cloud Wallet

If you are using the WAX Web Wallet you will need the following information to add the custom token.

Click the [Manage] button
Click the [Add Custom Token] button
Fill in the following fields as they appear in the image above. Here is that info for copy/pasting ESSENCE seventhtoken QmYWPn6xBZhrBzSJzuwdzrmLZKezZSAJcLm2UFmys5o16D

Anchor Wallet

If you are using Anchor wallet you will need to add that manually as well.

From Home navigation click on the Tokens tab up top…
At the bottom click the [Manage Tracked Tokens] button
Click the [Add Custom Token] button
Fill in the information as above and click [Add Custom Token]

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