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Dev Update 2022.05.11: Live on the WAX Mainnet

Updated: May 19, 2022

Key Points

  • Live on the WAX Mainnet w/ Token Symbol: ESSENCE

  • Introducing Magic (Towers, Heroes, and Spells)

  • Resources: Stone and wood for creating towers, walls, bridges, etc.

  • Tokenomics

  • ....

MainNet Release

Reaching the MainNet milestone has taken us four months of sustained development work and we are excited for the next phase of this adventure!

At the beginning of this week, we released the first version of the game connected to the Mainnet. You can now link your WAX account to the game and use your own tiles to build your own maps for the game’s atlas.

For now, access to the Cartographer and Staking Tiles is white-list only. This is temporary until we are comfortable that those features are stable enough for everyone to use. We are working through any issues found or reported. If you would like to be whitelisted, please let us know. The ability to speak English and potentially join conference calls with us is required at the moment.

Mana will now be an in-game resource based on the tile's rarity. ESSENCE is the real-world fungible token associated with the Mana production of each tile. In the game’s lore, Mana is really the Essence of the Celestials and so it fits with the story of the game world.

You will start accumulating ESSENCE from playing the game and from people playing on your published maps!

The first three things you will be able to spend ESSENCE on will be:

  • Spell Card Packs

  • New Map Tiles with additional features

  • GG Coins

Magic: Towers, Heroes, and Spells!

Towers and Mages will introduce the magic system, allowing a whole new dimension of waging war against other players! Players will be able to build a deck of Spell Cards for their mages to cast in-game. Packs of which can be purchased with ESSENCE. Once cast, the Spell Card is burned. Earning ESSENCE each time you play will allow you to replenish your deck.

  • Mages will be the first Hero units added to the game. They collect Mana from the land in order to cast powerful spells from your deck. Eventually, we hope to allow hero units to persist (gained experience, abilities, etc.) from game to game. Potentially, hero units may even be capturable and then ransomed back to their original player. Maybe… :)

  • A Spell’s power is based on the Mana the Mage is able to gather from the land nearest them.

  • Types of Spells will include offensive attacks, unit movement, area of effect, land manipulation, defensive buffs, healing, summoning, etc.

New Map Tiles

  • Ancient Mage Towers (Epic+ Rarities Only)

  • Groves for Foresters

  • Rocky Crags for Stone Quarries

Builder units will be able to construct two new types of resource gathering facilities; Foresters and Stone Quarries. Gathering wood and stone will then allow them to construct additional defenses, towers, walls, bridges, and other improvements as the game progresses.

Future ESSENCE Plans

In the future, we plan to add additional features that will require ESSENCE.

These may or may not get developed, they are ideas at this point.

  • Custom Built Mercenary Companies (for special game types)

  • Unit and Tile Skins (select how your units, villages, farms, and keeps look)

  • Persistent Hero Units (with special capture & ransom rules within special game types)

  • Guilds (custom banners, special tournaments, team-play, etc)


Solo Game Payouts

Solo games will only payout when the player claims the throne.

  • Non-eliminated Players: 69% of the winnings

  • The winning player takes the first 50% of that

  • Map Makers: 14%

  • Studio: 14%

  • Staking Pool: 3%

Multiplayer Game Payouts

For now, we are not requiring multiplayer games to be full in order to payout. Eventually, that could be the case once we have more players. In the meantime, we will only pay out a 6th of the full payout per human player. So for example a map that would payout 20 ESSENCE with 6 human players will only payout 3.3333 ESSENCE per player.

  • Non-eliminated Players: 69% of the winnings

  • The winning player takes the first 50% of that

  • Map Makers: 21%

  • Studio: 7%

  • Staking Pool: 3%

AI Player Winnings

These amounts could be split between the following areas (or more) depending on necessity.

  • Liquidity Pools

  • Prizes (tournaments, special events, etc.)

  • Burned (anti-inflationary, etc.)

Tile Rarity Payout Ratio

Common tiles pay out a base amount. Rarities above payout at a ratio.

  • Common 1:1

  • Uncommon: 2:1

  • Rare: 3:1

  • Epic: 10:1

  • Legendary: 25:1

  • Celestial: 100:1

This means that an Epic tile pays out at a rate 10 times that of a Common tile, and so on.

Note: These percentages and ratios are subject to change at any time.


In an effort to keep the play-to-earn aspects of the game fair, we have implemented some measures that can be taken if cheating or botting are found.

For instance, if a game does not reach a specific number of turns or in-game activity is inconsistent compared to normal gameplay there will be a significant penalty assessed against the total calculated payout. Also, if players are found to be consistently tied to these types of games, their accounts could be frozen, depleted of earnings, and/or banned from further play.

We hope to never have to enforce these rules but are taking precautions just in case.

Upcoming Genesis II Land Sales

Change of Plans...

The above has been redacted and we are making a course correction. Stay tuned for a full update regarding our new plan that should bring value to the original Genesis and Promo tiles as well as the ESSENCE token.

Chapter VII: The King Is Dead

The king is dead.

The last of the rebels and I had been hiding for two years, waiting for this moment. From the day the nobles had confronted him, he poisoned their minds against us, using his magic to convince them that it was Lucius and us who were evil. Traitors trying to take the kingdom. His wound, he would later say, was proof of his son’s treachery. We have been hunted ruthlessly since, and many have died. On the day of Lucius’ death, I barely escaped. Some of the magi saw me fleeing and combined their powers to hide us from the guard, or we would have surely perished, just as our messengers that never returned did. Their bodies hung in Tower Square for weeks. King Khalesh’s warning to all who would fall out of line.

On that fateful day in the forest, the blow from Lucius’ sword brought the beginning of the king’s painful, lingering death all this long while. Without all the essence of the completed seal and being unable to sacrifice the lives needed, he could not stop it. The nobles, having tasted of the power in each piece, would not relinquish them.

Instead, each house waited and planned. For the day they had confronted King Khalesh—who again displayed himself as the gracious benefactor—he said Lucius rebelled because he told him he would never have the throne. That instead, the honor would be given to one of the nobles, as he trusted their leadership more. “I must do what’s best for my people,” he said to them, gesturing out the window to his subjects, “and that is to give the kingdom to one of you, my wise, loyal friends.” Breaking and dispersing the seal was his idea, he lied, as he’d planned the grandest of contests to take place upon his death, saying, “Whichever of you is strong enough to win each piece in battle will be awarded the 7th by my steward and prove yourself the one chosen by our Celestial Gods as the new and rightful king.”

And their time to fight has come. But our time has come as well, as the one who hated us most is dead. Or that is our hope, as a terrifying rumor persists. The rumor that while the king was drawing his last breaths, he infused his soul into the central, most powerful seal. Perhaps finding another way to achieve immortality. If the seals are again forged together, could he somehow return? This is my fear, dear reader, as the strength and darkness he’d possess would be none as our world has ever known.

If true, I can never let it happen, and by keeping the pieces apart, it never will. But regardless, the seal must never be whole again, as it is too dangerous for mankind. Its power is too tempting. So I will do all in my strength to destroy it and purify my world of the evil King Khalesh has brought. I will give my life each day for this cause, as Lucius did his and all the lost brothers and sisters, who we will never forget.

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