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Dev Update 2022.04.25 - Send The Ravens

As some of you are aware we have the first version of a new messaging system in place. The idea is that not only do you get to send fealty demands and offers as you did before, you also get replies from those requests and you can send custom messages to anyone in the game. Keep in mind, it’s medieval and it takes a raven a good bit of time to fly across the land, so you have to wait until the next turn for the recipient to receive them but they are in the air nonetheless.

Release Notes: 0.14.2

Here is a list of some small to medium-sized bugs/features we fixed/finished this last week apart from the messaging system:

  • Armies of the same strength now stop each other from coming into their hexes.

  • When you deselect all armies (shift + cancel) you no longer need to select another hex before you can select the deselected armies.

  • Newly trained armies will now be taken into account for army strength in a hex.

  • A unit's action indicator (move arrows, clearing forests, etc) will be highlighted when you select it, this will help to remember what each unit is doing.

Ideas for The Future

What do you think of elevation being part of the game? You can go one level with ground troops but not any more than that.

Elevation Proof of Concept...

Play Test Rewards

Here are the rewards for our playtesters this week. If your name is colored red, we need you to send us your MainNet WAX account name so that we can send your reward.

Four will receive five random seals:

  • Enjoy your LAME WIN! (apparently, some people use sentences as nicknames)

  • PanDeAjo

  • Shrimp

  • Gianpierk

Five play testers will receive three random seals:

  • bigfootisreal

  • SammySnake

  • ZenB_NFT

  • Cor-EL

  • ser spoons

Five play testers will receive one random seal:

  • 2Player

  • Rick

  • DragonHoff

  • Doogie

  • Pelz

Honorable Mentions: These folks helped test but did not earn quite enough points for a reward this week. Your time and effort is nonetheless appreciated.

  • moomhee

  • mrwiggles

  • sonny

  • Grobovshik

  • Woo

Until next time,


Chapter VI: The Nobles Unite

Time seemed to stop as we waited to hear from the houses, and as each day passed without the messengers that we had dispatched returning, the flame of hope within us began to flicker and fade.

But the second night past their appointed return, wind and rain burst into the room as the wooden door flung open. The messengers ran in and latched the door, panting from exhaustion and dripping from the pelting storm. We guided them to the fire and gave them the dry clothes off our backs. The hot rabbit stew bubbling in the pot was their first taste of food in two days, and they gulped it like the starving. Scared that the king’s guards had followed them, they had hidden for two long days, and their fatigue draped them like cloaks. But when they said the words we had so longed to hear—The houses have united!—our cheers filled the room, and the tiredness in their eyes transformed into joy.

The last they had heard, the houses were preparing as one to confront King Khalesh. We readied ourselves for battle. And Lucius, myself, and all rebels from the Order of the Magi gathered under starlight to try to share our hope with the Celestials, connecting our spirits with theirs and showing them all that was in our hearts. The air around us shimmered crystalline blue and seemed to come alive as we chanted and danced, and the tree canopy above glowed in the magical light. The night infused me with peace, and as I rested my head on my pillow, my quieted heart guided me into the sleep of the hopeful.

As days passed, though, with no further word from the houses, we all began to worry. And when two more messengers did not return, we all feared the worst. Soon, those fears took the shape of flesh and blood and met us face to face.

I was filling my water jug when I heard the shout. Far off and distant, it sent a chill down my spine that turned into white-hot panic, and I ran to find my friend. Lucius had been gathering wood when I’d left him to fill our jugs at the spring, and I raced through the tall ferns back to him. Voices grew louder as I neared, and as I slowed my pace, the unmistakable red of the king’s guards' coats flashed bright between the trees. The guards had surrounded Lucius, and King Khalesh stood before him. Before I could decide what to do, the king became enraged and killed Lucius with his sword. Lucius had tried to block the blow but was too late, his sword sinking into his father instead. I stood in shock as the king clutched his wound and wept over Lucius’ body. “He made me do this!” he shouted. In tears, I crept forward for one last look at my best friend when a dry branch cracked under my foot. The king looked me in the eyes. And I ran.

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