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Dev Update 2022.04.15 - Play Tester Rewards and Beta On The Horizon

The game is the most stable it has ever been! We have released multiple builds per week over the past couple of weeks. A big win was that we resolved a couple of nasty bugs which also resolved a number of potentially horrible side-effects. In a live game on SammySnake’s stream yesterday, we saw an issue where diplomacy offers were not being processed correctly. In our testing, we were unable to reproduce the issue and our educated guess is that it was due to someone not being totally up-to-date with their version of the game. With that in mind, we are going to introduce a prompt to update your version of the game if your version is behind before allowing entry into new multiplayer games, etc. This should help minimize those types of issues.

A couple of weeks ago we laid out our plan to reward play testers and y’all have been doing more and more to help get the game to a stable point. Here is the first batch of rewards!














If your name is highlighted, we need you to send us your real WAX address. The others should receive their rewards shortly. Keep in mind that if you collect all 7 of these seals they can be blended into tile packs!

We are planning for the initial Closed-Beta phase to begin the first week of May. We have had some issues reported by some of you that we believe are configuration errors with the WAX testnet configurations and not problems in the code, but we might be wrong in this. As we begin the closed beta, we will invite some of you to participate and we will ensure things are working on the Mainnet before we open up the Beta to all. If you’re interested in being one of the first beta-testers, drop us a note.

After the beta begins we will be starting up a new promo tile sale schedule. The promo tiles (and eventually some larger pack sales) are for added features to the existing game like the Mage Tower, The Grove, The Stony Crags, The Arctic Biome tiles, The Desert Biome tiles, etc.

Until next week,

~ gg

Chapter V: The Breaking of The Seals

King Khalesh, having locked himself in his chambers, was making the final preparations for the ceremony that would give him all he craved. A ceremony as had never been before. More lives taken, more power attained. Through the glorious seal, which was now the seal of his kingdom, and the secret sacrifice of hundreds of prisoners, he would be able to pull enough power from the essences to break the laws of man and achieve immortality. He would be the first of his kind—half-human, half-Celestial, reigning forever. And by his side, he wanted Lucius.

The more he dreamed of his goal, the more obsessed he became. And with his attention divided, the six noble houses in his kingdom had gained more power. Lucius hoped to use this to his advantage, knowing what he must try to do—break the seal and send an equal portion to each house. Renowned for their honor and strength, he believed that if they heard of the wickedness in the king’s heart and all he had done, they would work to defeat him.

The very night that he planned to take the seal, King Khalesh called him to his chambers. Terrified his betrayal had been discovered, we said our goodbyes if we should never meet again. But to his relief, no fury awaited him. Only the open arms of a father eager to tell his son that the time was almost at hand. That, soon, their eternal reign would begin.

They talked through the long, humid night, and as the stars fled and the room lightened, King Khalesh drifted into sleep. Lucius, relieved to still be free but terrified of the dangers of his next task, slipped from the king’s chambers and into the throne room—using his own skilled magic to keep from being discovered by the guards and servants.

Covered in white marble, the room began to awaken and shine in the early light streaming through the tall arched windows—Lucius having told me of his last look at the room that had so entranced him as a child. And affixed to the top of the king’s stone throne was the seal. What he had once worn with pride into battle now adorned his seat of power for all to see.

Having climbed the scarlet-covered stone steps that led to the throne, Lucius, summoning all his strength, broke off the six outer pieces of the seal with a spell that only his father could have rivaled. But the middle piece remained. Anchored in strong magic, even Lucius’ great skill could not break it free.

Hearing footsteps in the corridor, his trembling hands grabbed the six pieces and fled the castle, running through the hot morning air to the cool of the eastern forest, where I and those sworn to defeat the king awaited. Deep in the dark forest was our hiding place, and it was from there that he sent a piece with his urgent message for help to each house. The houses in whom we had set out hope.

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