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Dev Update 2022.03.26 - Play Test Rewards

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

This week we did a lot of administrative work. A new development environment to help us release more efficiently and a huge amount of eye-bleeding bookkeeping. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the accounting nerds. And I guess they will never understand us developer nerds ;)

We have some exciting things in the pipeline for this upcoming week including being featured on a major youtube channel. That video is expected to drop on Thursday. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding that.

We are pushing ever closer to beta, but we definitely could use more help to iron out any remaining issues in the alpha builds. With that in mind, we are introducing a new Alpha/Beta Tester Reward Program. Each week, from now until the end of beta we will be giving a reward to anyone who earns 7+ points per week. The more you play, the better your chances at winning and also helping us find and fix problems. Here are the rules of engagement for having a chance to win each week:

  • You must sign up for an account on our dashboard site: (1 point per week for having the account)

  • If you have a linked WAX account (testnet during alpha). (1 point per week for having it linked)

  • Play at least one solo game and give feedback on Discord. (1 point per completed game)

  • Publish a map with the Cartographer and give feedback on Discord. (testnet tiles during alpha) (3 points per map published (minimum of 30 tiles))

  • Play at least one multiplayer game and give feedback on Discord. (5 points per completed game)

  • Bonus: If you get stuck, get on a support call with us to resolve it with screen-sharing or video conference, etc. (5 points per) (We will evaluate support call worthiness on a case by case basis)

We will list the weekly winners (based on the point structure above) as part of our weekly update. If you already have an account and your WAX account linked, you already got 2 points for the week! So get some games played and maps published and start earning points!

Chapter III: The Forging of An Empire

Working in shadow and secrecy, the order and its lord learned to transfer the power of the pools into items for battle and conquest. Some of these talismans looked as harmless as trinkets that could be slipped into pockets or worn on chains. Others were as common as weapons of war. But all held the same gifts to a skilled wearer—the ability to persuade through diplomacy or vanquish through battle and blood.

But at the time of their forging, the knowledge to transfer vast amounts of power was unknown. So their reach, though potent, was limited. As time passed, though, knowledge grew, and an item was forged that did hold such power and could give the lieutenant all that he craved. Within the cavern where he had found that first life-giving pool—in spells, sacrifice, and fire the Magician and his students forged the seal. A seal that had no rival in beauty or influence, as stored within it were essences of thousands of the Celestials. The remnant of souls that, through his hands and ambition, would bring about a change in the reign of man.

With the seal in his grip, affixed in pride and strength to his breastplate, he gathered his followers and entrusted his most loyal with the talismans of lesser power, confident that they would only fight for him—and they did. First against his lord, who would not bow before him and was slaughtered. And then against all rule near and far—the rest of the warlord kings that had clashed and scrapped for land, power, and flesh for so long. Those who would bend the knee were spared, those who would not, met their fate. And the reign of The King began.

His reign was unyielding and his rule absolute. With the edge of the sword, he brought an uneasy peace to the chaotic world. A peace that had long since been gone and was now welcomed by a people who were tired and longed for such rest. Even if it had come at the price of surrender and blood.

His subjects once occupied in constant war, now delighted in quieter times. They built homes without walls and families without fear—giving honor to their king who had bestowed them with such opportunity and life.

The lives of the king and his nobles, though, as well as that of his son, did have a weakness. The same weakness that all men have. They aged. So The Magician and his magi learned one more trick: they learned to feed on the souls of men.

Unbeknownst to his subjects, he would consume them. The unlucky few, year by year that he required to sustain himself and those he deemed worthy. The unnatural life span being attributed by him in grand speeches as gifts from the gods—the Celestial gods, as he called them—that had shown their approval of his rule by granting such life to him and his court.

With a lifespan that outlived generations, he rewrote much of his history. Instead of the ruthless lieutenant that had overthrown through treachery and torment, he was the benevolent hero—made king by the oppressed. The reluctant savior and humble lord who had ushered in the time of light and held it, through divine approval and guidance, for the well-being of all mankind.

Until next time.


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