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Dev Update 2022.03.11 - Lore and Tokens!

OK, folks, we have something really cool for you this week! It’s not the rewrite of the lobby we have been working tirelessly on but it’s still pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves. It is now time to start testing out the tokens you get from gameplay and map ownership.

As of now when you play games (solo and multiplayer) you are rewarded with tokens if you win or are on the winning side. These tokens are only test tokens with a test symbol of CTN when viewing them in your wallet. The token contract is ctn333333333. You can add that to your Anchor wallet under Managed Tracked Tokens. If someone can tell us what CTN stands for there might be a small prize in it for the first one who gets it right. Submit your answer to our Discord server.

The way it currently works is after each game your uploadable/withdrawable balance is updated. Once you have 20 or more tokens you can withdraw them to your testnet account. Although, you cannot do anything with these YET. They are kind of a leaderboard until we get GG coin purchasing done and some eventual super secret things that might be coming in the future.

We also have a new special section we will be releasing in this and upcoming updates. The world we are playing in has some very interesting history and this lore is something we have wanted to do more with but have not had the bandwidth to bring it to you. We have hired a writer who is working on this for us. Also, we are looking for a concept artist or 10 and will hopefully be creating some art to go along with it. This first installment doesn’t have art yet but it has everything to do with the Mage Tower we released last week.

So without further ado here is the first lore installment.

Chapter I: The Celestial Wars


Years ago, after the passing of his beloved Heir, he bestowed six seals to the noble houses. The 7th seal is held in trust by the king's Steward.

Your claim to the throne is as strong, if not more so than that of the other nobles. To claim it, you must gather the six seals under one banner, by any means necessary. Only then will the Steward award the 7th.

The fate of the realm is at stake. Claim the throne... or bend the knee!

What you just read was written by those in service to King Khalesh. And as you may know, those in power don’t always share a full accounting of all that is true. I—the dear friend of the king's son—am here to tell that full accounting. By doing so, I hope to bring honor to Prince Lucius and carry on what the fallen prince so nobly gave his life for.

To understand the truth, we must start at the beginning, and our beginning starts with the Celestials.

For eons, mankind lived a solitary existence. It had no knowledge of or dealings with any creatures other than themselves, and their rising and falling, in accordance with their lusts or selflessness, was solely and safely within the boundaries of their own world and people. But when they met the Celestials, that time came to an end.

The Celestials—the gracious beings from a dimension outside our own—had seen our struggles—the heartache, the wars, the treachery—as well as kindness, joy, and what they thought of as light. They decided to help us live peacefully and shared their magic, understanding, and ways with those they had watched struggle in dust and ashes for so long.

At first, mankind was grateful. They listened and learned and showered these beings with gratitude and gifts, and peace did, indeed, come to the land.

But as time went on, greed crept into man's heart again and some found ways to trick and manipulate the gracious creatures who had bestowed them with such wonders. They manipulated them through deception and tricked them into using their magic for mankind's own lustful purposes.

Darkness and chaos came over the land once again, and some of the Celestials awakened to the evils that were being done to them. They rebelled. But their abusers had grown strong. They captured many, forcing them to use their magic against their own kind. Those who would not bend the knee to the ruthless persuasions and torments of their captors were destroyed. Those that had escaped capture tried to free their brethren until most deemed the risk too great.

With the annihilation or enslavement of their entire race at stake, they severed the connection between the realm of the physical and their own. Those who still yearned to fight stayed to continue the battle. But in the end, they met the same fate as those they had tried so hard to save.

But, you see, a Celestial's life can never truly be extinguished. Their essence always remains. And for those killed in the physical realm, their essences, now never able to peacefully reach home because of the severing, are forced to linger in the in-between—trapped in the void between their world and ours. To add sorrow to sorrow, they are abused even in death–their essences being harvested by the Order of the Mage and known to the physical realm as Mana.

To be continued…

Be sure to get the latest game version if you’re testing and that will end our update for this week.

As always,


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