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Dev Update 2022.02.04

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

This is the end of week number four of us working full-time and we are getting things well on their way. You’ve probably seen a couple of short videos of some cool environmental features and one video of the Cartographer app hooked up to the test net with real test tile copies! Super excited to get this out to you soon. If you have not, be sure to follow us on Twitter.

It will toggle through your inventory tiles from highest to lowest rarities.

Amazing how maps look when they are not just square cakes of land!

The infrastructure for end-to-end map creation is almost testable. Next week the plan is to get that fully through the internal testing and then develop a plan to get it out to some of the alpha testers. One thing we would like to have available is a way to seed test accounts with a decent number of test tiles. Here is to hoping we get that far.

Last weekend, we spent a lot of time with Machinations and this weekend will be a continued effort with those tokenomics models. We want to get a good foundation there so we can test out our assumptions and get a decent feedback loop in place for easy modification and narrowing in on what will eventually be the beta model.

Until next time,

~ gg

P.S. We will try to get an updated roadmap out on Monday (probably on our Discord server).

Updated 2022.02.08: The discord mods will be creating a roadmap based on our public Trello board. You can dig into that board if you want to see what we are doing on a daily/weekly basis as well as the roadmap that will summarize it.

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