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Dev Update 2022.01.21

Hello all,

Another productive week has been completed. We don’t have a new version out for the alpha testers this week but we have accomplished quite a bit. Most of the work has been focused on smart contracts and the integration of those with our website and the game client.

  • We now have all our production tiles mirrored on the testnet for the beginning of map creation testing.

  • We can stake tiles into a contract and return them to the original owner when they unstake them.

  • We can create (at least with the data) a map and associated tiles that are staked.

  • We have a way for tiles to be delegated to another WAX account so they can collectively build a community map.

  • We are figuring out how to have our game create signatures and pass to our contract action calls to make sure there is no way to do a “man in the middle” attack.

  • We have figured out how to register nicknames and bridge them to your wax account so we know who is who and who should get micro-payments.

  • We are working on the details of our tokenomics model. We are going to have some other eyes on this before we share it with the broader community for feedback.

  • We have begun work on integrating accounts into the game client.

  • We are looking for more tile ideas. If you have any please share them in the discord general channel. If you can think of any that would work well with Desert and Arctic (cold climate) biomes that would be awesome!

Until next time!


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