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"Bend the Knee!" - The Fealty Feature

Originally, when we were doing our personal game jam, it was called "Charge" and then we renamed it to "Fealty" because this feature is such a large part of the game. It is now called "The Seventh Seal" as you know, but the fealty feature still plays a huge role in the gameplay.

Notice the throne and subservient icons in the upper right and lower right. It this particular screenshot AI 4 is offering peace if I bow the knee and become his vassal. If I do I then change my border colors to represent that I am his vassal.

And now it appears all but Red have followed suite. This is a rare instance where Green is going to win early because they somehow got the jump on Blue and Violet.

Bragging rites and smack-talk are designed to be a big thing in The 7th Seal. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

We have more plans for this feature but those will require some prioritization of time and resources. Until then we have the basic feature working with a couple small bugs that will get crushed in the near future, Lord willing.

Until next time, Chadrick

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