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A Bit of Back Story...

Hello folks, Todd here. We wanted to give you a glimpse at who we are and how we got here, developing what we think is a really fun game that you all will enjoy.

Every year, during the first or second week of January, there is a little software developers conference in Sandusky, Ohio called CodeMash. I first heard about it in 2014 and decided to attend the 2015 version with my colleagues at the time. I had already been a software developer for around 14 years but had never really done the conference scene. Turns out, tech conferences are really fun and an amazing way to learn new skills, tools, and meet cool people. I highly recommend them!

Now, let's backtrack to around 1987 or '88 when my parents brought home our first personal computer; an Apple IIe!! For me, this is when it all started. To make a long story short, I got hooked on Apple Basic, then over the years kept honing those self-taught programming skills by making little games and programs until ultimately doing it for a living. I have since upgraded my computer by the way. :)

Apple IIe
kind of like this one, but not exactly

Fast forward to 2018, I had a side project game that I was working on called The Pirates of Sector 7. It was a 2D top-down space shooter game that took inspiration from Sid Meier's Pirates. I showed this off to a couple of guys during a game development break-out session at CodeMash that year and one of those guys happened to be Chadrick.


Chadrick here. So my earliest computer was the Tandy TRS-80 or as some fondly call it, the Trash-80. I learned to program before we could safely save the programs we wrote. If you wanted to play a game you had to write it line by line from a magazine article. Those were the days. Not really, it kind of sucked but this just shows you how old we actually are.

I started into crypto around 2013 and eventually invested heavily into EOS in the hopes it would have some great development tools as was promised. That never fully solidified but we have some things now from sister chains built on the same technology. WAX is an EOSio chain and I'm so thankful for it as well as Atomic Hub and Neftyblocks. Thank you to the folks involved with all these tools, without which this project would not be possible.

Back in 2018, I was just getting started with a game I was calling SFEOS. A game that was highly influenced by an early BBS game called Trade Wars. I did a couple of talks about EOS and SFEOS. You can see one here ( to get an idea of who I am and how I view or viewed the world at the time. As you can see that project never did get enough traction and I let it go on an indefinite pause. I had just met Todd earlier that year and we decided we would see how well we could work together. It was AWESOME but we bit off more than we could chew... I'll let Todd finish it out.


Todd here again. So after working together on and off on grandiose ideas that never made it very far, we decided to limit the project scope to something that we could actually do while also maintaining our day jobs and family lives. We started developing the rules and gameplay for what you now know as The 7th Seal. This game is fun, we both enjoy developing and playing it and can't wait to share it with all of you! We also hope one day soon, to make this our day job.

We sincerely appreciate all of your feedback and support.

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